Personal Chef Service

How it Works: 

With your input, Victoria will customize a mealplan that complements your lifestyle. During this initial consultation, Victoria will hear about your culinary preferences and dietary requirements, and determine the cookdate. 

On the cookdate Victoria and her team will shop for the ingredients, cook, package, and label your meals. Your meals will be properly cooled then packed into an insulted bag and delivered to your porch at a pre-determined time.

Service Area: Northern Virginia (commuting fees apply for some locations)

Meal Plan Rates:  (each entrée and side dish yields 4 to 6 servings)

  • 3 entrées + 3 sides dishes: $500*
  • 4 entrées + 4 side dishes: $600*
  • 5 hearty entrées only$450*

*Plus the cost of Virginia Sales Tax and Arlington Meals Tax.

**The cost to add an additional dish is $65.

Fee includes: Initial consultation, customized menu planning, recipe research, food preparation, packaging and labeling of food storage containers, and a menu with warming instructions.

Additional costs:

  • The cost of groceries
  • Grocery service fee: $45
  • Commuting fee: for areas outside a 15 mile radius of the City of Falls Church
  • Condo/Apartment fee: a fee may be assessed if delivery involves more than drop-off onto a single family home porch (navigating parking garages, entering buildings, going up stairs and elevators).
  • If the client’s dietary needs do not fit into the meal plans outlined above, the rate is $85 an hour with a minimum of 5.5 hours.