“Personal Chef Victoria Cortes was instrumental in helping us follow an anti-inflammatory diet for optimal nutrition and performance…She inspired us to love more vegetables than before, and we never felt like we were eating a restricted diet…”

-Former Washington, DC NFL Quarterback Kirk Cousins & his wife Julie 

Special diets are the norm at Victoria Cortes Personal Chef Service.

We can cook grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free- you name it. And we’re skilled in French technique, so the end result is always gourmet.

Victoria’s mission is to make it easy for her clients to have a refrigerator full of highly nutritious prepared foods, and to make anti-inflammatory meals available to more people.

Personal Chef Victoria Cortes

Proudly serving Northern Virginia.

E-mail: victoriacortespcs@gmail.com (please e-mail for the quickest response)

(Phone: 703.201.7168)